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Refreshing & Clear

IT Solutions

At RED5 we believe IT shouldn’t be complicated. We provide proposals and solutions for Cloud Services that can be understood and evaluated not only by our experienced IT professionals but small business owners and CEOs.

IT has never been so fluid…


Trust. Advance. Protect.

Go with the flow

RED5 gets rewarded when your systems runs smoothly, not when things back up. It’s a full-service cloud technology service that keeps you afloat, no matter where you are. With over 8 years of cloud computing experience, we’ve developed a full-service IT infrastructure that you can TRUST. Developed from first-operational principles, RED5’s responsive and intuitive system can ADVANCE your business to the next level. Backed up by our fully compatible “speak your language” system that anticipates your needs, we PROTECT your data through armour-plated technology solutions.

That’s RED5. Full-service IT on TAP

Refreshing, isn’t it?

RED5’s Cloud Desktop is the perfect business companion, improving the health of your business, compatible with all key functions, and customisable through stylish accessories.


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E-Mail Archiving

Secure, reliable protection for your digital communications. RED5 can automatically process your message for easy retrieval and safe storage.

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Cyber Security

Rest easy knowing your data is safe with RED5. We stand at the leading edge of data safety, keeping up with the latest advances in encryption and online security.

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Disaster Recovery

When the worst happens, bring in the best. RED5 hosts two independent data centres on the Isle of Man, both equipped with state-of-the-art replication technologies to find and restore your lost or corrupted data.

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Voice Services

From your mouth to your computer, RED5 offers integrated voice technologies with a wide range of cutting-edge features for top tier performance.

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Data Protection

Keep your operations safe by storing data with the RED5 Cloud. The latest in Cloud Computing platforms, always up to date with General Data Protection Regulations.

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Runs Deep

With crystal clear communications that speak to your devices, fluid operations, and edge-to-edge performance, RED5 is your Cloud Computing solution.

Service Heroes

Riding to the rescue of clients, RED5 prides itself on becoming part of your team. Our mission is to serve your needs as if they are our own. As part of your squadron, our expert engineers are here to answer your questions, talk you through projects, and listen to your needs. Together, we can make technology solutions better.

Waves of Change

Cloud Computing is a new paradigm in business. Freed from office servers and desktops, businesses are now free to go anywhere, secured by the knowledge that their data is safe in the RED5 Cloud. Use any device, anywhere, at anytime and receive the best IT support available.

That’s the RED5 difference Trust. Advance. Protect.

It’s what we do


The life-sustaining force that covers our planet and makes up most of our bodies. It’s what makes us human. IT is the lifeblood of modern business. It’s what sustains your operation. RED5 is a full-service IT service built upon over 20 years of experience and know-how gleaned from the world-renowned Warwick Business School. It predictably and consistently provides your business the sustenance it needs to survive and thrive in today’s marketplace.

Clear, refreshing IT solutions. Drink it in and discover a whole new level of IT support.

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